Embracing the philosophy that governs Goldair Group as a whole, Goldeco focuses on the constant improvement of its services and the creation of added value structures to promote green growth and to ensure Renewable Energy Sources (RES) investment projects.

As part of our ongoing effort to achieve technical and entrepreneurial excellence, we can safely say that, in addition to our expertise on green energy technologies, our primary advantages are our flexibility and adaptability, our in-depth market knowledge, our systematic competitor analysis and our focus on added value customer service, communication and security.

 In strict abidance with global trends in terms of sustainable development and the incorporation of new technological applications to the operations mechanisms, Goldeco is quickly approaching its primary mission: The promotion of our country’s renewable energy sources, while offering supreme quality services to potential investors.

By promoting and investing in RES projects, other than the environmental, social and economic benefits that RES projects have to offer, we also manage to significantly contribute towards domestic and global efforts for green growth and a sustainable future.

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