Solar radiation is an unlimited, free, inexhaustible source of energy. It is converted into electricity via photovoltaic systems, one of the most well-known RES applications. Given its abundant sunlight, Greece is one of the most ideal European countries for their installation.

Photovoltaic technology is particularly environmentally friendly, flexible, does not cause pollution during power production, has a long life span, insignificant operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements. From a financial aspect, photovoltaics are a profitable investment given that they can be installed on existing constructions and be expanded in the future.

Experience and expertise are two key factors that ensure the photovoltaics‘ high efficiency in the long term both on a technical and on a financial level. With years of experience in this field, Goldeco offers a wide range of individualized consultancy, commercial and technical services that cover all development, construction and management stages of the high-efficiency PV systems.

In the context of the photovoltaic projects, the services provided by Goldeco include:

  • Assessment and Strategic Development
  • Identification and Feasibility Study
  • Identifications of Business Opportunities
  • Assessment of potential market risks
  • Assessment of Technologies and Equipment Specifications
  • Licensing Services
  • Supervision of construction and management
  • Prediction of potential operating problems
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