Hydropower is the most efficient and reliable form of energy that offers significant benefits to the environment.

Being a clean energy source, it contributes to the efficiency of natural resources and the reduction in the emission of gaseous pollutants that enhance the greenhouse effect. From a techno-economic viewpoint, hydropower plants have a higher efficiency, a longer life and low operating and maintenance costs. In particular, the small scale hydropower projects that Goldeco focuses on have significant advantages in terms of power production and low level environmental pollution compared to large scale hydropower projects.

Their sound construction and development requires expertise, excellent knowledge of environmental, technical and economic requirements, a full understanding of the socio-political frameworks in which they operate and access to local and governmental bodies. Goldeco provides potential investors with an extremely qualified consultancy team and a group of qualified associates that offer comprehensive services at all the hydropower projects’ development stages.

In the context of the hydropower projects, the services provided by Goldeco include:

  • Feasibility and Energy Efficiency Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Techno-economic and organizational services
  • Exploitation of hydraulic parameters and System Optimization
  • Evaluation of water capacity
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Management and Supervision during the project’s implementation and operation
  • Assessment of Technologies and Equipment Specifications
  • Prediction of potential operating problems
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