The increasing trend of waste is a global threat for the already burdened environment and public health. Proper management is of utmost importance to essentially encounter pollution problems. The majority of countries in and out of the European Union are developing more and more programs that fall in line with the environmental policy for comprehensive and effective waste management. The key objective of the management policies is to restrict storage in landfills, while promoting waste recycling and recovery, through environmental friendly viable solutions.

Investments in waste management sector lean in favor of sustainable development, with particularly profitable results for the economy, the society and the environment. Following the strict requirements that govern the EU environmental policy, Goldeco engages in the waste management market by utilizing proven and innovative technologies with the objective of maximizing the recovery of materials and energy and minimizing environmental impact.

In the context of waste management, the services provided by Goldeco include:

  • Assessment and Strategic Development
  • Identification and Feasibility Study
  • Efficiency prospective from a technical, economic and business viewpoint
  • Identifying Business Opportunities
  • Estimation of potential market risks
  • Evaluation, Selection and Application of appropriate methods (thermal treatment, inactivation, composting, landfill)
  • Management of hazardous toxic waste
  • Recovery of recyclable materials
  • Mechanical-Biological Treatment Methods
  • Supervision of construction and management
  • Prediction of potential problems during the investment plan’s construction and operation
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